Hawkeye Community College has been connecting the community with the education and training for 50 years. How much do you know about Hawkeye’s five-decade history in the Cedar Valley? Complete this five-question quiz at www.hawkeyecollege.edu/cf/trivia and be entered to win limited edition Hawkeye gear like t-shirts and pennants. 

1. How much money did Harold Brock borrow to help get Hawkeye Institute of Technology up and running?

A.  $50

B.  $500

C.  $5000

D.  $50000

2. Who was hired as the first superintendent of Hawkeye Institute of Technology?

A.  James T. Martin

B.  Harlan Van Gerpen

C.  Travis Martin

D.  John Hawse

3. Which program was not part of Hawkeye
when it opened in 1966?

A.  Nursing

B.  Welding

C.  Electronics Engineering Technology

D.  Professional Photography

4. What year did Gates Business College close its doors, transferring programs to Hawkeye’s new Gates Business Department? 

A.  1968

B.  1970

C.  1973

D.  1984

5. What year did Hawkeye Institute of Technology become Hawkeye Community College?

A.  1991

B.  1992

C.  1993

D.  1994


1. B   2. C   3. D   4. C   5. C

Hawkeye Leadership – Then and Now

Grout Museum District celebrated the opening of “Hawkeye Community College: 50 Years of Making Connections” with a reception on August 25. Dr. Linda Allen (left), Hawkeye’s president since 2011, was joined by Dr. Bettsey Barhorst, president from 2001-2005, and Dr. Travis Martin, the original superintendent of Hawkeye Institute of Technology from 1966-1976.